Acupuncture, used for thousands of years, remains progressive enough to help treat today’s health issues.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the idea that there are five major “organs” in your body. Each one of these organs has it’s own system. They control certain aspects of your life right down to the food that you crave. These systems work together to make a person whole. When one “organ” system gets overworked or misused it throws off the balance of the entire cycle of inter-working systems. Having an off-balance system results in an off-balance body. This is how disease presents itself in a Traditional Chinese Medical model.  A diagnosis is then determined by combining practical knowledge of signs and symptoms with physical observation of tongue and pulse. 

Michelle P. Hay, Lic. Ac. provides quality alternative medicine, including acupuncture (at the Domar Center, 130 Second Ave, Waltham) and herbs (at The Hay Clinic, PC, 32 South Street, Suite 301A, Waltham) , in Waltham and the surrounding Boston area for those seeking treatment for these common disorders and more.

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Herbal office at 32 South Street: evenings and weekends by appointment only

Acupuncture Hours at 130 Second Ave: Wednesday 9am to 7pm

Fridays 8am to 4pm First Weekend of every month Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm

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Phone: 617 501 2588 Email :

Phone: (617) 501-2588